Our Creed

Every finesse rod is built to its fullest potential, being well balanced in the hand and as physically light weight and sensitive as possible. And our musky rods are built to handle the heaviest of presentations with high performance actions along with the durability to endure, all at a price that represents a true value compared to higher price or like products in the market place.

Our Cornerstones

1- Customer Service – It will always be # 1 – The making friends department.

2- Innovation – Creating ideas that work and putting them into deliverable product.

3- Education – Product education helping create a better experience, and time on the water.

4- Maintaining Flexibility, Creativity and Agility.

We are a small company using USA labor, during some seasonal stretches it’s just a few of us.
Being a small business is not a bad thing it can be an enormous benefit and we’re proud of it!

Hello I’m Gregg Thorne

Since about the time we were able to walk my brother Paul and I have been drawn to the outdoors with a passion so strong that it led us both into full time careers in the outdoor industries where we’ve spent more than 35 years each – our entire professional working lives. During our early days we started a store and custom rod business that pioneered modern day ice fishing by creating the first graphite ice fishing rods and designed modern musky rod blanks and actions that changed the game forever and are still at the core of musky rod design today.

I’ve developed rods for brands such including Sage, Loomis Cortland and Diamondback and in 2005 developed a synthetic cork replacement called Syncork which is a far superior handle material over organic cork materials that’s used on all of our Elliott rods. I’m taking the many years of experience and fun I’ve had in the outdoor industries and pouring them all it into Elliott Fishing Rods.

You can expect each rod we build to be masterfully built, we take great pride in new innovative ideas that make for a better day on the water for anglers of all kinds creating rods where you can really feel the difference over rods you’ve used in the past and that can put a smile in every cast.

We take rod design and building seriously here at Elliott Fishing Rods. We care about our products and just as deeply about our customer’s complete satisfaction. We like to think that when you’re on the water fishing with an Elliott Fishing Rod in a small way…. we’re right there with you. Thanks for taking a look and we hope see you on the water.


Gregg Thorne

Hello I’m Pete Riola

I’m a multi-specie fisherman who’s had an appreciation for great fishing rods my entire life. I learned early on what a difference they made and how they could enhance my valuable time on the water. In 1991 I landed a job at local custom rod and musky shop owned by a couple of brothers named Gregg and Paul. Needless to say my knowledge of quality fishing rods was nurtured and increased exponentially.

I have spent many years in the service industry in project management, sales and customer service serving clients from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Customer service has always been job one and it’s one I have a passion for.

What I bring to the table for you our customer is this: I know our products and how to make solid recommendations for you based on a conversation and I really enjoy taking care of customers. If you need help please feel free to call or shoot me an email M-F 9-5.

.I’ve spent my entire career ensuring customer satisfaction. The continuation of 42 years of dedicated customer service now continues at Elliott Fishing Rods. You’ll love our products you’ll love our service!


Pete Riola

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