9 foot musky rod

Elliott 90MUSKY – MH, H & XH


Elliott 90MUSKY-MH-F
Rod Length: 9′
Lure rating: 1-4oz
Butt grip: 17″
Fore grip: 6″
Reel Seat: Sea Guide PSS
Designed to be extremely effective at casting and presenting bucktails, topwaters and crankbaits in and around 1 to 4 oz range, the Elliott 86MUSK-MH-F has fast action tip, blending into the mid-section power curve, that loads and releases perfectly for smooth and effortless casts making your day on the water more comfortable and productive. Built with strength and durability as key cornerstones in its design, it’s a favorite for many of today’s musky fishing legends, and legends in the making.

Elliott 90MUSKY-H-F
Rod Length: 8’6″
Lure rating: 2-6oz
Butt grip: 17″
Fore grip – 6″
Reel Seat – Sea Guide PSS
Casting large, wind-resistant bucktails especially into the wind requires the correct tool to perform the task with as little energy exerted as possible. The E-MUSK-H-F helps carry the work load in delivering maximum lure air speed in tough conditions with great hook setting and fish fighting control.

Elliott 90MUSKY-XH-F
Rod Length: 8’6″
Lure rating: 4-12oz
Butt grip: 17″
Fore grip – 6″
Reel Seat – Sea Guide TBS
To chase giant fish with giant lures, you need the right tools. The Elliott 86MUSKY-XH-F delivers the performance needed to present large baits and taking the punishment that today’s mammoth lures dole out season after season. All this while still performing like a rod should, easing some of the physical pressure loads off of you and tossing them back onto the fish. You’ll find the Elliott 86MUSKY-XH-F to be the right rod for so many big fish presentations and occasions.

We use only Sea Guide SXBLSG guides on our Elliott Musky Rods they have proven to be the strongest most durable
guides for musky rods we’ve ever tested.

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90 MUSKY-MH-F $365, 90 MUSKY-H-F $365, 90 MUSKY-XH-F $365


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