Elliott Siscowet Series 50 MH-F Ice Rod


sis-co-wet \ A large lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush siscowet)

The Elliott Siscowet 50”MH-F is the top choice for trophy lake trout presentations and epic battles. The Siscowet series has been test driven by our pro staff in temperatures as low as 21 degrees below zero without fail and this 50”model is a great length for a MH power lake trout ice rod. Once you experience the solid hooksets and fishing fighting properties especially near the hole when the frantic frenzy kicks in…. they’ll be no turning back to yesterday’s rods. This high performance rod series certainly raises the bar in the land of Lake Trout fishing.

Elliott Siscowet 50 MH-F
Rod Length: 50″
Lure Rating: 1/4 to 5/8oz.
Line Rating: 10-17 LB Test


  • High performance blank- perfect combination of speed, power and mid blank response
  • Better hooksets
  • Rod action designed to keep fish hooked
  • Syncork Comfort Seat handle design, great durability, feel and comfort in cold conditions.
  • High quality Sea Guide PVD coated guides- highly resistant to icing
  • Incredibly lightweight

Available in 2 handle options: Elliott Comfort Seat or Straight Tennessee.

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Product Description

Elliott Ice rods have been developed to increase your hook set to landing ratio. As avid Lake Trout fisherman know, we cherish every bite and many big fish are lost near the hole with the frantic head trashing and body rolling making these large fish more difficult to land. You will find the added length of the Elliott Siscowet series allows for longer sweeps during the hook set which translating to higher success ratios. The mid-blank response (a bit more forgiving mid section) gives the angler a better advantage over shorter length rods. The video below demonstrates the blank response in action.

All Siscowet rod handles are made of Syncork that are meticulously hand lathed creating a very durable and comfortable grip that can’t be beat. Elliott ice rods are available in two handle options, the Elliott Comfort Seat and the Straight Tennessee. High performance Sea Guide EOUSDG-1UE guides are specifically chosen to reduce icing, we are very pleased to have fished Elliott Ice rods in 20 below temperatures with very little to no ice buildup on the rod guides. These aren’t yesterday’s lake Trout rods, they’re the new and improved trend that lands more fish creating more positive memories on your hard earned trophy Lake Trout adventures.

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Handle Choice

Comfort Seat Handle $169, Tennessee Handle $159


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