The Elliott Fishing Rod 5 Year Limited Warranty

Let’s face it fishing rods can break. If a fishing rod has a defect from manufacturing it rarely makes it through the production stress tests and evaluations. What often happens through use is a rod can be stepped on or harshly impacted and not break, however the incident can create a bruise that’s not visible to the eye. Through continued use the bruised area can grow and weaken and eventually, to the shock of the fisherman the rod can break while preforming a task it’s done flawlessly hundreds of times. The angler feels that the rod was defective while in fact it never was. In fairness to all parties the Elliott Fishing Rod Warranty for the original owner is as follows;

  • Contact The Elliott Fishing Rod Warranty Dept.
  • Ship damaged rod to Elliott Rods P.O. Box 270556 Hwy 96 E. St. Paul MN 55127
  • Elliott Fishing Rods will inspect the rod to determine warranty status.
  • If damage occurred due to factory defect we will replace rod free of charge for a period of five years from original purchase date.
  • Damages deemed to be the result of accident or neglect may be repaired or replaced at a to be determined fee, not to exceed $65.00 (shipping not included) for a period of up to 5 years from original purchase date.
  • We will provide an estimate for your approval before any potential fees are applied.
  • Our aim is your 100% satisfaction. Please fill out the claim form below and we will get you taken care of quickly.

Warranty Claim

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